I create my pictures using paint or enamel. I use vitreous enamel on copper to create different effects and textures to painting.

To make my enamel pictures I use sifting techniques to build up layers of enamel on a copper base. The piece is fired in a kiln after each layer and different effects can be created by altering the amount of enamel used and firing time.

After building up background colours I use hand painting, in combination with Riso screens, to create images and texture.

My inspiration for enamels and paintings comes from the colours and shapes of the landscape around me, especially certain parts of the Scottish countryside which I often visit.  The seasons have a great influence on my art as the same place can look very different depending on the time of year.  In particular, I love the contrasts created by light in winter. The blue/grey of a Scottish sky just before it snows is one of my favourite colours.